314 E. Liberty
Ann Arbor, Michigan 48103

Dwight is not your average stand-up comedian. While other comics gleefully dance around the stage and dispense bland offerings of how great life can be, York delves into the bizarre and rather dark dimensions of life experience. His stage persona is off-beat and unique - captivating audiences with his weird and wacky observations - while at the same time maintaining a vise grip on their funny bone through a seemingly endless store of clever one-liners. A seemingly endless store of original and clever jokes the St. Paul Pioneer Press calls ?best one-liners this side of Steven Wright." He?s also proven to be a prolific writer and in December of 1999 added ?published author? to his credits with the release of his book, The Vile File ? Jokes too Sick for the Stage. This collection of dark one-liners proved to be a great showcase for his writing abilities. He?s also a favorite on radio?s ?The Bob and Tom Show?. His first appearance was a tremendous hit. His joke, ?I was homeless for awhile ? I didn?t want anyone to know so I slept in front of a Ticket Master,? became Tom Griswold?s ?new favorite joke,? was replayed over and over and landed him a spot on their ?best of? compilation CD for 2000: ?You Guys Rock?. Since then Dwight has been a frequent guest on the show.

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