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What most people think of when they see Dustin Diamond, the actor, is nerdy Screech Powers with tightly curled hair and a penchant for ant farms and Lisa Turtle. What lots of people think of when they see Dustin Diamond, the comic, is a funny guy who pokes fun at "Saved by the Bell," society and spouts off his fair share of potty jokes. Diamond admits that he did things a little backward. While most comics do stand-up and hope for a TV show, he delved into stand-up after establishing himself as a television and film actor. After making guest appearances on popular shows such as "The Wonder Years" and movies including, "Big Top Pee Wee," 11-year-old Diamond landed the part of Samuel (a.k.a. Screech) Powers on "Good Morning Miss Bliss," the show that soon turned into "Saved by the Bell." Diamond stayed on "Saved by the Bell" from 1988-1998. Since the conclusion of "Saved by the Bell," Diamond has appeared on many TV shows and even done some movies. One of his favorite -- but admittedly bizarre -- roles, was playing "a Puerto Rican transsexual prostitute named Simone who had full make-up, fake padding for breasts and facial hair," in the 2002 straight-to-DVD film "Jane White is Sick and Twisted." Diamond also performs in several bands, including "Salty the Pocketknife," a band who got its name during a jam session in which the lead vocalist sang a ditty with the phrase "Salty the Pocketknife," and the band agreed unanimously that "Salty the Pocketknife" would be the name of the band. Don?t miss this pop culture icon this week at the Comedy Showcase.

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