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Dungen (from Sweden)

"Over the past two years, the profile of Swedish psychedelic rockers Dungen has grown at an alarming rate, from a cult studio project into a worldwide musical phenomenon. And on Tio Bitar, we’re hearing the end results of an outpouring of success and support – one which has, for once, inspired the creative processes at hand to make something wholly new and original, yet remaining within the same sphere of emotions that fostered Dungen’s three previous albums.

“It’s similar to how they often do it in hip-hop,” Gustav states in his description his recording process. “One producer is behind it all, and in this case, I am that producer.” Feel free to draw your own conclusions as to how this all bears out – reasoning crumbles when you hear just what Gustav, Reine, and company have made happen through this process."

With Big Bear: http://www.bigbearbigbear.com/

Official Website: http://greatscottboston.com

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