#200 - 252 East 1st Ave
Vancouver, British Columbia V5T 1A6


KODE9 // "the daddy of dubstep", [hyperdub, UK] label owner, fearless producer, solid dj
DJ COLLAGE // international raggamuffin mc, soundsystem toaster based out of seattle

with dj's, vj's & livePA's..


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NEWFORMS IN DUB was jumping around, lighters in the air, with a broader spectrum of new bass music.
DUBFORMS2 was a bit harder, more focused, raw and stripped down, sweaty good times.
DUBFORMS3 will be bringing back more dub flavour, while staying focused on expansions on the dubstep sound. warm & hypnotic. fluid & deep. stream-line visuals and bass vibrations. lightly touched by a proper mc presence. with improved sound (more full-spectrum power, less abrasive on the ears), and proper ventilation. safe and secure location.

saturday, may 26th / open studios - 252 E. 1st ave. / 10pm, $15 @ the door
advanced tickets info available @ zulu records, scratch records, & soma
for advanced reservations email: [email protected]
all reservations void after midnight, door price may raise after 1am
dubforms events are usually sold out by midnight, so get there early to ensure entry.

http://www.soundsimple.ca/lightasound / http://www.newformsfestival.com

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“The regime of the war machine is. . .that of affects, which relate to the moving body in itself, to speeds
and compositions of speed among elements. . .affects are projectiles like weapons.” [D&G ATP 400]

That quote and more interesting reading to catch a vibe of Kode9's flavours, influences & views
found here - http://kode9.blogspot.com

And YES, people call him "the godfather of dubstep" or "daddy of dubstep" because he's been there since day one - building, shaping and pushing the dubstep sound to what it is today. And Kode9 doesn't stop and settle in any musical formula. He continues to take musical risks, turning out tunes that will stand the test of time, and setting the bar high for the real producers with ears to the ground. On his own HYPERDUB label, Kode9's released a unique array of singles, his brand new full-length "Memories of the Future", and one of the most innovative albums of last year from BURIAL.

And can Kode9 DJ as well as he produces? YES. For the privileged few that caught he set at last years FWDSND - Kode9 ripped, smashed and tore the place to shreds. The whole place was going bananas. He comes full loaded with the latest dubplates you won't hear anywhere else.



DJ Collage is a dancehall MC/electronic music producer currently based out of Seattle, where he runs a weekly reggae/dancehall night with Zion's Gate Soundsystem. Collage started chatting on reggae soundsystems and with live reggae bands in the early nineties, and has gone on to perform extensively throughout the US, Canada & Europe. Since early 2002, the raggamuffin voice of DJ Collage has been a rising sound in the worldwide electronic music community - fusing his dancehall vocal flavor with abstract dub, breakbeat, house & downtempo riddims.

DJ Collage has worked with the Sofa Surfers, Stereotyp, I- Wolf, Megablast, Meat Beat Manifesto, & Ghislain Poirier to name a few. And has been featured on such labels as: Klein Records, Select Cuts, Ninja Tune, G-Stone Recordings, Studio !K7, Shockout, Organico, Imperial Dub Recordings, Leaf, Stereo Deluxe, Run Recordings, Quatermass, Eighteenth Street Lounge Music, Supa Crucial Recordings, Sonic Boom Recordings, Chocolate Industries, [adult swim], & BSI Records.



The Daega Sound System are the two brothers Ben and Joshua Searles. Their gear-heavy livePA is very "late night", deep and heavy, intricate and spacious. Directly following Kode9, shifting, settling, and swimming into uncharted realms.



Mike C. has officially caught the dubstep virus and has been locked in his studio ever since, crafting his own take on the sound and making sure to keep things on the not-so-dark and dubwise tip. This one's a featured livePA set full of "freshy's" to stir the vibe up nice, just before Kode9.



Jacob warmed up last year's dubforms perfect with a vibrant and heavy dancehall/ragga/dub-infused DJ set of custom dubs, remix's and more. And now he's back for more of the same, with brand new material from his trip to Jamaica as well as some homegrown. Starting right at 10pm. Pure goodness.



Max probably plays out the dubstep sound the most in the city right now. And here's the reason why - tight mixs, the latest cuts, laced with own self-produced bangers and remixs, making sure to keep it colourful with the odd bit of dancehall or grime or other tastiness - each and everytime. Hold tight massive.



After people's minds have been blasted apart and re-assembled, the dancefloor's in shambles & the roof blown off - Red'll set things straight and sew everything up nice with a late late night set of dubwise rhythms and roots classics. For the core crew, music guided by what's needed. Warm and easy.


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Julie has VJ'd both other dubforms events, and is back again to dive even deeper. Julie blends stream of conscienceness video mixing with her unique ascetics, touching on themes of nostalgia, dreams, and a blurred reality.



Being Lighta!'s resident VJ, Tusk brings an authentic understanding of dubstep and soundsystem culture to the visual realm. Mixing up custom-built sequences, while balancing the dark and the light with edgy vibrancy, Tusk sets the tone right.



Claudia is a successful filmmaker, writer, and educator with a proven commitment to social change. Claudia is an exciting addition to the visuals crew, bringing fresh perspectives and levels of awareness. Weaving slow-motion textures into footage from around the world, and very much experimenting with the VJ role itself.

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Yes. Excited to have the one Sirbassa as sound-man cuz you know he'll make things sound sweet. His ears are specifically tuned to dancefloor dub and bass music so.. (respect also to the excellent soundman of the last two shows, who's wished to remain anonymous)


Official Website: http://www.nwdnb.bc.ca/postnuke/index.php?name=PNphpBB2&file=viewtopic&t=7550

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