#200 - 252 East 1st Ave
Vancouver, British Columbia V5T 1A6

lighta! + newformsfestival presents:

[DUBFORMS2] heavyweight dubstep ragga bass fire glitch business

the first dubforms was sold out by midnight, dancefloor rammed and jumping, lighters in the air. expect the same here. better and tighter. serious sound system in effect. solid & secure location.

Friday, April 6th
Open Studios - 252 E. 1st Ave.
10pm, $15 @ the door
advanced tickets info available soon
for advanced reservations email: [email protected]
all reseverations void after midnight, door price may raise after 1am


http://images.tribe.net/tribe/upload/ph ... 6a11f18409


Loefah is without a doubt a major player on the global dubstep scene. Moving as one third of the infamous DMZ crew, Loefah's helped build and shape the sound right from its foundations. While pumping out a steady flow of releases on virtually all the major labels of the genre, Loefah also kills dancefloors with impeccable DJ skills and selection. Touching down from South London, UK, this'll be Loefah's Vancouver debut and is pretty much guaranteed to please any thirsty ears for serious bass and minimal rhythms.


CALAMALKA opening dj set

Mike C has got stacks of vinyl he hardly ever gets to play out to right crowd that wants it and needs it. connect the dots, and come prepared to warm up to some choice abstract dub rhythms, fresh head nodders & body twisters, and other gems that Calamalka keeps hidden in his treasure chest.

MAX ULIS closing dj set

Max has been waiting for this one. Keeping well updated with all the latest dubstep vinyl releases and producing his own heavyweight dubs at an alarming rate, Max is going to unleash a lion directly following Loefah. His skills are sharp. You ready?


You've probably seen his mustache, dreadlocks and peg leg somewhere around town, dropping jaws and raising hands everywhere on the dancefloor. Letting off airhorns in the dance that just got shut down from massive bass complaints. Next generation sh*t, making dudes like Lorin and the Glitch Mob nervous. Ya heard!


Having already played his take on dubstep down the west coast, this'll be Jeremiah's first bass flavoured live PA in Vancouver. With a serious ear for sonics and frequency blends, Phowa is one of Sub-Osc's secret studio weapons. Listen close.


Rep'ing the natural elements and the more hypnotic forms of dub and bass - keeping it challenging for the heads but still dancefloor friendly. Michael combines ragga & "other" genre sound clashes, with subtle rhythm puzzles, and water & light. The focus is on intensity, as opposed to the obvious.


Julie and Jim team up to mix up some video and mess with some minds. Julie (a multi-disciplinary artist from inter_mission) blends stream-of-conscienceness video-mixing with her unique aesthetics, touching on themes of nostalgia, dreams, and a blurred reality. Jim chops up obscure old movies, used to run a wicked night called dub club, and is a fan of the 'A' word.

Official Website: http://www.nwdnb.bc.ca/postnuke/index.php?name=PNphpBB2&file=viewtopic&t=7409

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