333 Jay St
Brooklyn, New York 11201

Last year we had a DIY CivicSpaceDay after the Personal Democracy Conference (PDF). This year we are fortunate to have a whole weekend to plan a similar event. Taking a page from BarCamp and a page from old-school boot camps, you are invited to attend the first east coast drupal camp.

On May 13 - 14, we'll be dorking out at the Polytechnic University's Brooklyn Campus. On May 15, if you are interested in the intersection of politics and technology or if your looking for some more work... stick around for the personal democracy forum - please note, pdf and drupalcamp are working on a cross promotional program, more details to come.

register for drupal camp today!

Polytechnic University Brooklyn Campus
Six MetroTech Center
Brooklyn, NY 11201

saturday and sunday schedule
10a - 1p introduction sessions
1p - 2p food break
2p - 6p afternoon session

sunday evening
we are investigating locations for a sunday dinner/mixer starting at 7:30pm. if you are interested, please RSVP for DrupalCampNYC today

Visit Drupal-Camp.org for exact details!

Official Website: http://drupal-camp.org/DrupalCampNYC

Added by noneck on March 21, 2006



Sounds like fun, I can't wait for one to happen in Chicago.


visit drupal-camp.org and get the ball rolling in your city!


So I see the first session is Saturday only and also has "free" in parenthesis? Is this to imply that Sunday is "free" for scheduling purposes, or that Sunday will cost money. I'm not opposed to this, just want to be clear.


I'll most likely make it to Sunday, but not Saturday. Look forward to meeting local Drupalers.


hi, this is noel hidalgo, aka noneck, one of nyc's drupal camp councilors.

thanks for expressing interest in drupalcamp nyc... could you take a min and register your name, phone, email, and which days you will be attending?


we are also planning on having a sunday mixer/diner and would like to know if you will be attending... also, on monday, if your looking for new clients or would like to figure out how technology and politics interact. we will be working on discounted tickets tickets for the personal democracy forum, aka pdf.

visit http://drupal-camp.org/DrupalCampNYC/Registration and express your interest in the first east coast drupal camp.

ps - don't forget to tell your friends/clients/co-workers/blog readers/etc... we're here to fix the communities' plumbing.



i'm in. coming down from boston.