1636 NW Lovejoy Street
Portland, Oregon 97209

For the March meeting we'll have a short presentation by Tony Rasmussen. It'll continue a discussion at the January meeting on when to use Contemplate module vs. the Theme Layer.

After that I was hoping to have everyone who's going to DrupalCon in DC talk for a few minutes about what they'd seen and what got them excited.

As always, the meeting promises to generate lots of good questions, answers and hands-on communication. Drupal meetings are free and open to the public.

NOTE: Please be aware that the developers at OpenSourcery will be working right up to event time. We ask that you arrive between 5:50pm and 6:00pm. Thank you!

After the presentation finishes we'll walk over to the Bridgeport Brew Pub for a food and drink.

Official Website: http://groups.drupal.org/node/19427

Added by Mikey P on March 9, 2009