70 Oxford Street,
Manchester, England M15NH

Interested in Drupal?
Want to meet other Drupal enthusiasts?
Live in the North West?

Good news - the Drupal North West UK User Group starts from October!

Bringing a little bit of the Barcelona Drupal conference back home
Drupal NWUK will feature expert help, demonstrations, t-shirts (sorry - suitcase was full!), open
source beer (one bottle each for the first 3 through the door - http://flickr.com/photos/samatason/1482863099/), and various Drupal books (Pro Drupal Development will be available to flick through) and handouts (Drupal leaflet - http://flickr.com/photos/samatason/1482862981/).

Admission is free, and you're welcome to bring your Drupal questions
and problems, as well as any projects you'd like to demo.

We'll be meeting upstairs, just look for the geeks :)

Date: Wednesday 10th October 2007
Time: 7pm to 9.30pm
Location: Upstairs - Cornerhouse, 70 Oxford Street, Manchester M1 5NH, UK
Every: 2nd Wednesday of the month.

Official Website: http://drupal.org.uk

Added by matason on September 8, 2007



Getting up the M6 to Preston by 7pm sounds like a challenge :-(


This is true. Would Liverpool or Manchester make sense for more people?


I realise travel can be a problem for people, what if we make Preston a start as planned? Then for November and December if it's Manchester + Liverpool that seems a good triangle. Any offers for Nov & Dec? Maybe we might extend this to Warrington in the new year? Happy to follow the crowd.


The crowd is in Manchester :)

Just checking out some venues - will confirm either today or tomorrow so check back for details!


Cornerhouse got the thumbs up from a few people so we'll give it a go! See you there!

Mc Jim

Excellent! Thanks for organising this. As we arrive should we sing the Drupal song to make ourselves known?


Haha!! and run the risk of getting us all thrown out? :) I think we'll be quite conspicuous, if you have any trouble just shout FORM API!


Seven! That's a great start.
Looking forward to it.


Is there free wifi in the Cornerhouse? Just thinking if anybody wants to demo a project they have been working on.


No wifi in Cornerhouse, but they got good beer at reasonable prices!

Thanks for organising the first meet-up Chris!


Thanks to everyone for coming! It was great to put faces to names (which I'll forget, don't take it personally!!!)

I managed to hack the wifi, thanks to Richard tipping me off about the password. The beer was indeed good, and it was most excellent to meet Paul Robinson.

For those who had to leave early, we'll be meeting next on the 21st November so that we're not so close to GeekUp night. We'll make an announcement here and on http://drupal.org.uk when we have the exact details.

Format for next time will be (roughly) venue A - greets, tea/coffee, two short presentations (anyone is welcome to present/demo - just get in touch beforehand) with time for Q&A then onto venue B for beer and more Drupal talk.

Keep in touch and see you next time :)