1201 S Figueroa St
Los Angeles, California 90015

We think Drupal is the best open source content management system period and we're not the only ones. Faced with a bigger demand for Drupal developers than even last year... the Los Angeles Drupal Users Group has decided to throw our second annual free community training session to improve the level of Drupal development in Los Angeles. Plus it's a geeky good time!

Drupal Camp LA 2008 will be held from September 13-14th. Attendance is FREE! Yes, free, RSVP required. Stay tuned for RSVP info.

Who is this event for?
Everyone interested in Drupal. Beginners, Designers, Developers, Community Leaders, Artists, Bands & Musicians, Non-technical People, Technical People, PHP Developers, MySQL & PostgreSQL Developers, CSS & Web Standards folk, User Experience Architects/Designers, CTOs, CEOs, Start-ups, IT & IS teams, Photographers, Videographers, Bloggers, Podcasters, DJ's, Entertainment Agencies, Marketing Firms, Learning and Education Centers, Students, Teachers, Principles, Managers, Project Managers, Development Managers, C#/.Net people, Ruby people, Java people, Python people (no, really), JavaScript & jQuery junkies, Ajax ninjas, Digital Samurai, Models, Open-Source lovers, CMS anyone, Apache heads, LAMP stackers, and of course - Drupal fans!!!

How much does it cost?
The event is free (no ticket charge). We're ironing out details so don't get mad if you have to pay for parking each day as this is a really dope event, and everyone agrees it staying free is insane on our part, but we (and our sponsors) are awesome like that.

When is it again?
September 13-14th, 2008 which lands on Saturday and Sunday.



Official Website: http://drupalcampla.com

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Deb Shadovitz

I'm looking forward to attending. I do most learning on my own, so it'll be nice to learn from or around others!

I'll only be able to attend on Sunday though as I'm the guest speaker elsewhere on Saturday. I hope that's ok with the group.