49 Cheltenham Place
Brighton, England BN1 4AB

Third monthly meetup for those using, or who are interested in using the 'community plumbing' Drupal (http://drupal.org) system.

This time instead of a pub meeting we'll be doing a workshop down at theskiff. A fair few people want to know how to get started with Drupal, so we'll call this one 'Drupal 101'.

Some topics covered:
- downloading & installing Drupal (if anyone needs to know!)
- intro to Drupal terminology - nodes, users, blocks, themes, views, etc.
- OK, so I have Drupal, what next?
- topics then based on what the people who turn up want to talk about...

Please do show your interest on here so we can get an idea of numbers.

There's also a google group set up so come and join that even if you can't make the events!


Added by stevepurkiss on April 1, 2009



I'd be really interested in coming to an event like this, particularly as I'm about to dabble with drupal for the first time (well first time in a long time anyway).

Unfortunately I'm working in London at the moment, so a daytime event is a bit of a no no for me. Will you be recording the event at all?



I'm hoping to have some events recorded but can't confirm that next week's will be. You might be interested to have a look at the recent DrupalConDC videos which are on archive.org, and Lullabot have all the videos from their Do it with Drupal event available for about £50 here: http://www.doitwithdrupal.com/

Avangelist Photography

This particular event I think is a bit too early for me, but I will be looking forward to future events, in particular on Theme and module building if you ever get to those.


Hi Avangelist Photography,

I'm sure we'll get onto Theme and Module building in time and we'll try to have it at a time which suits as many people as possible, obviously you can never get a time everyone is happy with!

Look forward to meeting you,



I'm planning to be there