49 Cheltenham Place
Brighton, England BN1 4AB

Drupal 7 is about to hit the streets three years after $7m was pumped into it. Around 70 modules of the 6,000-odd out there in the Wild West of the contributions scene have been integrated into core, and a whole load of real cash has been spent on the UI. But will the masses flock to our beloved Drupal? Do we really want them to anyway? (yes, of course!)

This month will be different than usual as there will be no presentation as such; instead we will have a general discussion about Drupal 7, what it means for developers and designers, and how it will impact the industry with initiatives such as http://drupalgardens.com which allow anyone with an internet connection and the ability to choose a name for their site the ability to set up a Drupal site in around 15 seconds.

Whether you use http://Drupal.org Free/Libre Open Source CMS/Web app platform at the moment, or have ever considered using Drupal; whether you want to build a website which just does a little more than Wordpress can provide; or if you simply have nothing better to do on a lovely Summer Tuesday evening in sunny Brighton town than sit in an office and look at the results of a number of simple binary decisions made for you on behalf of an inanimate object or two, then this is the nu meeja event for you ;)

Official Website: http://groups.Drupal.org/south-east-uk

Added by stevepurkiss on July 19, 2010