14 Elm Street
Toronto, Ontario

On Tuesday May 17th, at 7:00 p.m we are very pleased to present Jim Rimmer,
Canada's most famous Type Designer, presenting "Droppings From the Pie Tree"

Jim will speak about his experiences in metal and digital
typefounding. He is currently engraving a seven-size family of type
for casting in metal at his private foundry, and has recently completed
a trial cutting of Carl Dair's Cartier. His involvement in digital type
design is ongoing.

Jim began work as a letterpress compositor in 1950. He entered the field of
graphic design in 1963, working as a designer lettering artist and
illustrator, and freelanced in this capacity from 1972 to 1999 in the same
capacity. In 1960, he began collecting letterpress printing and typefounding
equipment, and now operates a private press and foundry (Pie Tree Press &
Type Foundry). Jim has designed and produced a collection of digital types,
and over the past 20 years has designed and cut six metal types. He recently
completed a Monotype Large Comp type named Hannibal Oldstyle, is currently
cutting 14 point matrices for Cartier Roman, and is making drawings for the
cutting of a 14 point Western and Eastern Cree.

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