1 Leicester Square
London, England

The campaign ‘Drop Your Knife And Pick Up A Guitar’ which will be launched at Sound, London, 1 Leicester Square, WC on August 7th from 7PM-3AM.

SOUND London hosts a wide variety of events club nights and live music. Sound Promotions Manager Omar says ‘Sound is proud to be a part of the Drop Your Knife And Pick Up A Guitar campaign. Sound is a bustling venue with a very diverse and vibrant audience. Being centrally located in the heart of London’s West End we have our finger on the pulse of a lot of London’s artistic youth and current trend’s. Helping to make London a safer more dynamic place is what we are about.’

The aim of the campaign is to help raise further awareness as to the effects of knife crime by re-engaging the community through music. Although there is not one single answer, if one child can break out of the cycle that draws them toward crime by putting their energies into creativity and music, then that is potentially one less life lost.

Dirty Fuzz are a new generation Rock n Roll band from the streets of London.

The press find it difficult to compare Dirty Fuzz to other bands but suggest Iggy Pop’s Stooges, fronted by Tina Turner or ACDC with Muddy Water’s illicit daughter on lead vocals.

The Dirty Fuzz, Elida’s band, will host an evening every month showcasing local London talent. The nights will be eclectic focusing on bringing various styles of music and followers together, as one to appreciate music and its role in all our lives. As knife crime soars across London and the wider communities, the band feels it is time to send the message of music to the kids who may feel isolated and distant from society and also to the community who can enjoy music and support the cause all at the same time.

Music crosses all boundaries and can be used to create an individual’s unique voice. Music allows freedom to express ideas, thoughts and passions in a truly peaceful way whilst assisting in making a difference to many lives.

A percentage of profits from each night will be re invested into community groups who are at the grassroots, such a Brixton’s South Central Youth. This Youth group is a community voluntary agency that re-engages youth at risk by mentoring them and helping them to reconnect with society. Most of the mentors at this voluntary organization are ex-gang members as well, therefore the youths at risk do listen to what these mentors have to say.

For any further info e mail Omar [email protected]

Official Website: http://www.soundlondon.com

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