1026 Valencia
San Francisco, California 94110

January 7, 2008 - "ABIDE"

Part History, Part Challenge... Chicken John drives the bus and KrOB shows the movies! For Six-Straight Mondays, the Applause Bus is transformed into a rolling screening lounge! Complete with all the amenties (parented omni-tech projection and sound system / all your favorite movie-time drinks and snacks / super secret spy specials) you've come to extract, Film Farm rolls to the bowling alley for our first installment of a new cinematic sedition... a little something we like to call, "Drive-Out" Theater!

We meet @ Ritual Roasters (1026 Valencia St. in San Francisco) at 6pm. Bring a blanket , sleeping bag or tauntaun to bundle in.

$10. (space is limited and it could fill up fast. email: [email protected] to reserve your spot.)

Spy, serving caucans on request, will also be on hand to go over the safety features of our illustrious transport.

I don't really have all that much hoo-ha for the farrelly brothers' KINGPIN (1996). in fact, i may end up giving it the reel wild cinema treatment (like a movie in cliff notes) and have most of the opening eyenoise be clips from tv's "celebrity bowling". for me, and i don't think i'm alone here... don henley can eat shit and die! uh huh... it is really is all about THE BIG LEBOWSKI(1998), delivered unto us from haute couture junior achievers, joel and ethan coen. the film is truly an epiphany for the modern american. i'm so pleased to present it.

here's something for the rik von internutters only...

for those of you unfamiliar with "eyenoise"... it's a sub-relevant home-made video compilation of movie trailers, concession ads, shorts, cartoons, and anything else i got up my sleeve that week. for this show, i'll play some dude-ly material... like (for league players only), who was that guy on the flip side of the dude's "bowling meditation tape"?... i'll play him. email me the answer to that question when you make your reservation (see above for details) and i'll make you a caucasian (beverage), myself. yes, we have alot to be thankful for the teachings in THE BIG LEBOWSKI. hopefully this first installment of the all-new krob's film farm, now a "drive-out" theater for six-straight mondays on chicken john's applause bus, will serve as a tiny tribute to one of nature's perfect movies.

Be there for all of it....

"Drive-Out" Theater! - January 7th through February 12th

Mondays 6pm to Midnight


Rolling from Ritual Roasters (1026 Valencia St.) or Chez Poulet (3359 Army St.) in San Francisco.

....and, of course, the popcorn is always FREE!

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