201 East Sands Avenue
Las Vegas, Nevada 89109

Are you a fan of the Flock web browser? Are you just curious? Have you never even heard of it before?

Anyone, from experienced Flockstars to the most uninitiated, is invited to come join Flock employees Geoffrey Arone, Anthony Young and Erikka Arone this coming Monday at CES in Las Vegas for drinks and conversation at the Petrossian Bar at the Bellagio from 6-8pm.

Geoffrey, Anthony and Erikka will be buying drinks, answering questions, and hearing what you have to say about Flock and catch up on what you're up to. RSVP now to ensure that they know to look out for you!

Petrossian - Vodka & Caviar Bar
Bellagio Hotel - (just off the hotel lobby)

Erikka's Mobile 650-646-0069
Geoffrey's Mobile 650-815-8485

Added by EvanHamilton on January 3, 2007