100 SW 2ND ST
Corvallis, Oregon 97333

It's been awhile since the OSL/CWS/OSU/OSEL/Mozilla/Private Contractor/NACSE/Intel/JanRain crew all got together and what better time to do that than over the holidays?! Its close to X-mas but hopefully folks can make it. Would love to see everybody out.

Note: this was morgamic's idea and I talked him down from creating a web site about this (he wanted to name it sentpolvitosquirrels.net).

Added by kveton on November 28, 2006



Hell yeah. Send Polvi money so he can buy PBR as squirrel's! You know you want to!


Turns out this will Polvi's first time to Squirrel's!! Yeah!! We can finally buy him cheap PBR!!


I will be in Nebraska that week, have a great one without me. The first pitcher and double order of TOTs are on me. I will drop some cash off at your house.

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