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Ever wonder how you can make more sense out of your dreams? Then this class is for you. We all dream. Sometimes we remember our dreams and other times we do not. Equally, we may have times we do not have any re-collection of dreaming at all. However, we all dream. If you have, in the past, bought a book on dream interpretations, chances are you walked away with something that represented more of a dream dictionary, instead of actually helping you to make sense of your dreams. These books list the meaning of the symbols. However, these definitions are very Freudian or Jungian in their approach, and suggest that dream symbols mean the same thing to every person. Furthermore, this also suggests that dream symbols are static and never change. However, there is another school of thought ­ that dream symbols are dynamic; instead, of static, and that the symbols mean something different things for every person. During this class you will learn How dreams work i.e., why we dream About the dream cycles About the dream stages not to confuse with cycles. call 443-396-1282 or e-mail [email protected]

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