1436 Howard Street
San Francisco, California

Change Jam is an on-the-spot collaboration experience between people who want to make positive change in the world and work together. Roll-the sleeves up social innovators, leaders, facilitators, marketers, geeks for good, life-long learners, thinkers, and social entrepreneurs. We will be networking first, and then lightly facilitated to work on ideas and projects that attract you. Then we will present and celebrate. For more details about the event, visit the Change Jam wiki.

Dreamfish provides coworking services to empower social entrepreneurs everywhere. Combining human, technological, and economic components, Dreamfish offers a suite of services, online tools and events to support independents and broaden the coworking movement. In this way, millions of people will be able to change the nature of their work to create more social good, more cost efficiencies and productivity, more personal value for individuals, and reduced use of natural resources.

Added by parisoma on February 24, 2009