408 Queen W Toronto
Toronto, Ontario

Tired of the same old life drawing experience? We'll be scouring the city to bring you the most delightful models to pose for you - from sparkling burlesque dancers to rippling racks of manflesh; contortionists, mimes, the tattooed, the tattered, and everything in between. All you have to do is come and draw, and while you're here why not have a drink? If you're lucky maybe you'll walk home with one of the many fabulous prizes we'll be giving away!

Monday, January 29th we have the pleasure of having Veronika, aka Priscilla Pussycat of the Shameless Dames, model for us, and if you're very good she might even do a little dance too!

What is Dr Sketchy's?

Dr. Sketchy's is what happens when cabaret meets art school.

From the official site at www.drsketchy.com:
"Dr. Sketchy's will cure you of every boring art class you've ever been to."
- The Sunday Age, Melbourne

Founded in 2005 by artists Molly Crabapple and A.V. Phibes, Dr. Sketchy's asked a simple question. Why can't life drawing be sexy?
Well, it CAN.

Be there early, we start at 8pm, and you want a good seat!
We don't have anything set-up to reserve seating or tables just yet.


No oil or acrylic paints, please!

Official Website: http://www.drsketchy-toronto.com

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