361 Metropolitan Ave
Brooklyn, New York 11211

Dr. Israel's music is a fusion of world musics in the best possible sense.

Part of Brooklyn's talented Boot Camp Clique, Tek and Steele, the duo known as Smif N' Wessun got their start on Black Moon's classic debut, 'Enta Da Stage,' In early 1994, the crew scored a massive underground hit with 'Bucktown,' a reference to their violence plagued Bedford-Stuyvesant stomping grounds, with their debut LP, 'Dah Shinin',' following soon thereafter. Forced to reincarnate themselves after a legal battle with the Smith and Wesson firearm company, the duo resurfaced in 1997 as the Cocoa Brovaz. A second LP surfaced in 1998, called 'The Rude Awakening,' and recently the duo issued few singles, including 'Super Brooklyn,' which features a superbly innovative use of a sample from the old "Super Mario Bros." Nintendo game.

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