525 S Central Ave
Phoenix, Arizona 85004

Friends, Family and anyone who happens to find themselves in Downtown Phoenix looking for something fun, THIS IS IT. Sam the Chocolate Guy will be there, old school gym class games for the kids (dodge ball, steal the bacon, etc), organic egg nog, retro beers, and more.

Its the grand opening of R & R Surplus with a variety of vintage goods ranging from clothes to schwinns. Stop by, have some fun, check out the goods and see the warehouse.

Added by aaronpost on December 14, 2008



I'll be there but it depends on when I get my baking done when I will be there or if I can make it at all.


This sounds like lots of fun. We have a party to go to but that is at 5pm. I will go to this then the party. Didn't know there was a chocolate guybut I can already tell we will be fast friends...


Yep,you bet ya ill be their.Dodge ball rocks!Watch out