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Finding affordable ways to reach customers is critical to any business; but it is especially important to startups - and doubly so during a recession. In this seminar serial entrepreneur and investor Doug Richard sets out the key rules of marketing: the essential lessons that every entrepreneur needs to understand. He explains how to squeeze every customer from your direct marketing and demonstrate that effective PR has nothing to do with press releases. Doug demonstrates how the Internet has levelled the playing-field between your business and your largest competitors and why there has never before been an opportunity like that which exists for today's businesses.

"School for Startups did an astounding job in blowing away the smoke, mirrors and black magic that I thought web marketing was all about!" (Mark Straiton)
“Excellent day, interesting anecdotes, energetic delivery” (Matt Robinson)

"Practical advice that can be implemented straight away. No fluff, real advice for the harsh world of business. Great! " (Alison Lapping)

The afternoon is a practical session showing how to de-mistify web marketing. Doug and his expert team provide hands-on lessons on how anyone, regardless of technical knowledge, can use Search Engine Optimisation, Affiliate Programmes, Blogging, Social networks, YouTube and Twitter to reach new customers without spending money.

You are guaranteed to leave this event buzzing with new ideas, enthusiasm and energy.

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