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Expert Value Based Selling Tactics, They Don't Teach You In Business School That Are Costing You Thousands of Dollars…

Time: 3:00 PM - 4:00 PM

Speaker and Bios:

Jeffrey Slayter
As an entrepreneur and investor started his first company at 22 years old. Growing it into a thriving real estate investment and consulting firm, managing portfolios and assets valued at 15M. After raising $3 million in capital from 18 investors through sales presentations and individual meetings, Jeff deepened his consulting practice, becoming the Acquisitions Manager of a private trust fund for commercial acquisitions in California and eventually consulting as an

International Executive Consultant for a $60M dollar development project in Dalian, China.

As someone devoted to top leadership and communication in his business endeavors, Jeff has over a decade of training in leadership practices including: NLP, Fearless Wealth (an Investment Education Group), Fortune 500 Executive Training Seminars, and holds a business management degree from Menlo College. He has also intensively studied with Landmark Education (Leadership and Communication Training Corporation) and Anthony Robbins.

Kane Minkus
Has been an entrepreneur and new venture investor. He has bought, run and sold over 2 dozen companies between $5‐50M in varying industries including entertainment, technology, real estate, internet, education and coaching.

This is designed for those who would like to get more money for their product or service, and are looking for sophisticated ways to both understand their customers’ deeper and feel more in control of creating financial results.

While buyers react to the economic climate, understanding buying behaviors and having expert techniques to create the most value for your product or service will be crucial over the current economic trend. Learn to create a deep connection with your clients/customers, while driving the value of your product/service through the roof.

Focusing on sales people and executives in a service based business this workshop covers the following areas:
• How to get the most for your proposition by framing it in a value based market
• 5 hidden ways to control the conversation with great rapport
• Unlocking the motivation behind the buyers’ choices
• Expert objection handling through reframes
• Finding the hidden decision making triggers

Participants can expect to leave this lecture with techniques they can immediately put into practice that will affect their financial results and customer/client interaction in a highly positive way.

PART II - SEMINAR - The Government’s Response, Is your 401(k) safe?

Time: 4:00 PM - 5:00 PM

Speaker and Bio:

RC is a certified Financial Planner (CFP®), a Registered Investment Advisor and a Master NLP practitioner. RC Peck is also the author of Fearless Wealth, Simple Steps to Growing and Harvesting Money. He resides in Silicon Valley with his wife and son.

RC Peck is the ultimate, successful contrarian. In 1997 he built, what he calls, a ‘probability indicator’. This powerful tool tells him and his clients when the probability of making (or losing) money in the stock market changes. As a result he was totally out of the market in November 2000 (the market subsequently fell 48%), fully vested again in May 2003 (the market increased 50%) and out again in January 2008 (the market has fallen 45%).

Government’s have a history of either over responding to crises or responding much too late (think Katrina). In this talk, we are going to explore how the Governments response to use “quantitative easy” is going to impact and affect your future net worth and the choices you have or don’t have because of it.

We live in new times. Times that have no “this-is-how-we-did-it-last-time”. Learn what you have to do to protect your money, your wealth and your purchasing power. Is your money prepared for his response?

Time: 5:00 - 6:00 PM - Business and Social Networking

Comment about location of event...
*Great location on the water, here. We also have the patio.*

Price: $25.00 for event

*Bring plenty of business cards*
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Kenneth Fax

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Special Thanks to Mercy Housing California
Portion of proceeds to benefit Mercy Housing California, Mercy Creek Senior Community and a local Leukemia Society.

*Parking available in parking lots or on street.* The location is also accessible via Muni, next to CalTrain, AT&T Ballpark. Easy parking, no game this day.

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