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2 p.m. All That Heaven Allows, Douglas Sirk, 1955, 89 min.
4 p.m. Ali: Fear Eats the Soul, Rainer Werner Fassbinder, 1974, 93 min.

Sirk’s tale of two lovers whose differences in age and social stature ignite the disapproval and derision of those around them provides genetic fodder for Fassbinder, but the films maintain very distinct storylines. While on some points the directors’ examinations of their characters overlap, each develops a finely honed focus: Sirk, on subtle sources of pain and isolation; Fassbinder, on the intensity sparked by juxtaposing markedly contrasting elements.About this
Fidelity and Betrayal: Variations on the Remake
March 4–April 22

There are remakes and remakes. Most of the time films are remade simply in order to sell them to a larger, more mainstream—usually American—public. But sometimes a remake—by adapting, displacing, or just feeding off another film—not only generates something different and new, it reveals peculiarities of the original that we wouldn’t otherwise see. Whether it is an homage or a travesty, a remake can be faithful to the original in changing it—or it can betray the original by imitating it.

There are remakes in painting, too. The exhibition Picasso and American Art includes instances of American artists remaking, as new versions, particular works by Pablo Picasso, quoting passages of his paintings, or mimicking his style. In painting as in film the remake can, sometimes, be a valid and exciting genre.

This series presents a few of the many examples of creative remaking that exist in the history of cinema.

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