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Followed by Q&A with producer Siobhan Sinnerton and series producer Ed Braman

Unreported World travels to one of the remotest places on earth, West Papua, where journalists are forbidden to work and usually arrested when they arrive, and where a bloody conflict between government forces and locals is rarely glimpsed by the outside world.

Reporter Evan Williams and Director Siobhan Sinnerton spend three weeks undercover in West Papua, an outlying province of Indonesia in the Western Pacific, which is home to the world’s biggest copper and gold mine.

Unreported World – South Africa

Unreported World travels to South Africa where a huge rise in illegal immigration from Zimbabwe and other African states is behind an increase in racist and xenophobic violence.

Reporter Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy and Director Robin Barnwell begin their film on the Zimbabwean border with a group of Zimbabweans as they begin a long journey to Johannesburg. The South African police stop them but let them go in exchange it is claimed, for a bribe, which the people smugglers say is routine.

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