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Introducing Al-Jazeera English’s Witness programme

Followed by Q&A with filmmakers Katia Saleh, Rodrigo Vazquez and Witness editor Flora Gregory

Beirut Under Siege:
This film vividly captures what it was like for individual Lebanese families during the month-long war between Israel and Hezbollah in July 2006. Should they stay in the city or leave? Should they remain in the country or try to get a visa to leave for abroad? Lebanese filmmaker Katia Saleh documents the emotion and confusion amongst friends and family caught in the crossfire of July’s war.

Child Miners:
Jorge’s father is ill and can’t work. Alex’s father died of the “mine disease”. Their families depend on them. Alex and Jorge work in Bolivia and have dreams of a better life, they really want to study like other little boys their age. But medical experts say these children won’t make it to their 40th birthday due to their exposure to harmful chemicals inside the mine.
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