East Street
Wareham, England BH20 4NN

We're an informal community of web and software professionals. We meet once a month for a chat at a local pub, close to a train line in Dorset.

NB slightly later start this month - and no end time. This reflects what usually happens anyway! By all means get there earlier and grab a table, but I (stephen wolff) can't make it until 8 ish...

Official Website: http://www.dorsetdigital.co.uk

Added by stephendwolff on September 23, 2008



how about we make it an earlier start and I'll turn up for 7 ?


If I can get there for 7 I will - depends on work & K's physio appointments.


I'll try and get there for 7 - perhaps we can share the ride mark? We have a bigger car now!


@matpol I also have a larger car than I had previously. We'll organise some car sharing via dotdorset on the monday ?


okey dokey!