High West Street
Weymouth, England DT4 8JH

We're an informal community of web and software professionals. We meet once a month for a chat at a local pub, close to a train line in Dorset.

Official Website: http://www.dorsetdigital.co.uk

Added by stephendwolff on August 27, 2008



looking forward to it !


If any Bournemouth people want a lift, let me know.

Ralph Corderoy

A friend from Weymouth writes:

...the Boot Inn is the oldest Pub in Weymouth, it's right next door to the original Town Hall, it sits in between the Fire Station and the new Town Hall and it shares it's name with Boot Hill, I don't know which was named first, but I would guess the Pub gave it's name to the Hill.

It also serves some of the best beer in Weymouth, (the Cheddar Valley Cider is bloody good too), it's a CAMRA Pub, and I think that it's a good choice to follow Tom Browns in Dorchester.


Can't go myself this month - but have just spammed the rest of the company with a reminder :-)