2600 Magnolia
Oakland, California

Twin 15 Foot Tesla Coils from Omega Recoil just to light a lightbulb!
Golden Mean, Marriage Wrecker and Muffin Art Cars!
Tasty Food by Nick & Kiva
Beer by Lagunitas
Spark Bar hosted by Amy and Brian
Boiler Bar! Fire Gardens! LIVE ELECTROCUTIONS by the 1928 Hogan Device!

Keith Johnson and Greg Solberg - Building Electric Cars from Scratch
Keith and Greg will show how to bake an electric cupcake, the Tesla Roadster, and the Marriage Wrecker

Jon Sarriugarte - Giant Iron Snail Car, Golden Mean, 1928 Hogan Tesla Coil, Power Tool Drag Racing, Volt-Aged Whiskey
Pick one of those topics and Jon our host will talk about it!

Mike Winter - Interrogation by Robot
Recently Mike created robots that hug, laugh, interrogate, party, make up stories, remove free will and buy beer. Currently he is working on Artificial Personality projects. He will be talking about interrogation by robot, there will be a short video.

Omega Recoil - Wireless Transmission: How Did Nikola Tesla Do It?
IThe Omega Recoil team have been re-creating some of Tesla's wireless power experiments, with interesting results. Omega Recoil's presentation will include videos of their Tesla Coils running and power being transmitted wirelessly.

Official Website: http://dorkbot.org/dorkbotsf/archive/20090620

Added by k0re on June 5, 2009