851 Hamilton Ave
Palo Alto, California 94025

a somewhat monthly salon for people doing strange things with electricity

where: onomy labs
851 hamilton ave, menlo park

Jill Miller - How to Hunt for Bigfoot: Satellites, Solar Power and Triangles
Jill and company have been holed up in bigfoot country in the woods somewhere armed only with a 24x7 satellite uplink waiting for bigfoot (or all you flash mobbing gorillas) to appear. Come see what is quite possibly the strangest thing to do with electricity out in the woods!

Scott Minneman & Dale MacDonald - MediaTanks: A New Paradigm for Innovation
Scott and Dale will talk about Make-Tanks as opposed to the typical thinktanks. They're different in that a make-tank is all about tinkering and hands-on experimentation being a part of discovering emerging technologies and scientific diescoveries. Come see PARC alumni Scott and Dale geek out with various their toys and talk about the tools, technologies, and war-stories of making interactive story telling devices. Tour and live demonstration of various devices such as the Tilty and Twisty Tables, Interactive Wall, and maybe a 1959 Philco Predicta.

open dork:
david calkins - $10k purse for 220lb category of robot competition in nov
matthew bennet - OSX on an Intel laptop running
scott minneman - uses Lamina to fabricate huge pieces


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The address is wrong. It's in Menlo Park.