303 East 8 th Ave, Vancouver
Vancouver, British Columbia

The 20 minute presentation will be followed by Q&A. At the end of the
night we could either stay for a bit and informally share ideas, or
we could head to a pub close by and do the same but over beers.
I would like to encourage people to take their projects to the
session, no matter what stage they are at.
I would really like to create a Dorkbot Vancouver Video podcast of
the presentations. I'm looking for one volunteer (or more) to shoot
the video and compress it, we don't need to do any editing. If you
can help please send me an email back to talk about the details.

Here is a little background about the speakers and their presentations:

Danjel van Tijn
Occupation: Engineer at co-op radio, teach audio electronics and
electronic music at the Arts Institute of Vancouver, build robots for
a company called Storefront.com and a variety of other music and
electronic contract work.
Passion: minimal techno/ambient music, building/designing small
Experience and Previous work: I have been making electronic music
(in various forms) for over 12 years and building circuits for even
longer. I have performed live or Djed in England, Sweden and various
parts of Canada. Most recent performance was at the New Forms
Festival with Tomas Jirku and Rob Warren (with whom I am also on the
netlabel: Rivers of Recordings).
The presentation: I will demonstrate some home built devices, and
talk about open source electronic music projects and valuable resources.

Robin Oppenheimer
Occupation/Passion: Full-time Ph.D. student in the School of
Interactive Arts and Technology at SFU
Full-time student of life and passionate about music, media art, and
Experience and previews work: 25 years in the media arts field in the
Media arts historian, writer, curator, and educator
The Presentation: Dorkbot's art and technology roots: A glimpse of
the 1966 historic "9 Evenings: Theatre and Engineering" Event
A brief overview, with historic film clips, of the 1966 "9 Evenings:
Theatre and Engineering" Event in New York City that gives a glimpse
of the artists, engineers and their collaborative performances and
processes. Featuring rare footage of Robert Rauschenberg, John Cage,
Alex Hay, Yvonne Rainer, Robert Whitman, Lucinda Child, and other
artists as well as Bell Lab's Billy Kluver who founded Experiments in
Art and Technology E.A.T.

Jeremy Thorp
Occupation: Freelance web developer and digital artist. Instructor at
Langara College's Electronic Media Design Program
Passion: Exploring the application of scientific techniques and
concepts to creative media.
Experience and Previous Work: I have been creating digital art in
various forms for 8 years. Recently, my work has been exhibited
internationally and I am a regular speaker at conferences across
North America.
The Presentation: Evolutionary Computing Techniques in Art and Music:
Artists in various disciplines around the world have recently been
exploring the use of evolutionary techniques in artistic media. I
will give a short introduction to EC and genetic algorithms, and will
show some of my recent work exploring the applications of these

Official Website: http://www.dorkbot.org/dorkbotvan/index.shtml

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