1200 D North Alvarado Street
Los Angeles, California 90026

Dorkbot SoCal 36


***** Saturday, June 20, 2009
***** 1:00pm
***** Machine Project
***** 1200 D North Alvarado Street
***** Los Angeles, CA 90026

Design Algorithms: Skeuomorphs, Spandrels & Palimpsests
This event will explore how cultural objects shift over time, with each presenter exploring a single term related to patterns of cultural change.

Skeuomorphs - Garnet Hertz - UC Irvine
"An ornament or design on an object copied from a form of the object when made from another material or by other techniques"

Spandrels - Tim Durfee - Art Center
"The roughly triangular space between the left or right exterior curve of an arch and the rectangular framework surrounding it"

Palimpsests - Norman Klein - CalArts / Art Center
"A manuscript, typically of papyrus or parchment, that has been written on more than once, with the earlier writing incompletely erased and often legible."

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