646 Commercial Road, London E14 7HA
London, England

* Brock Craft - Magenetic Music: A better use for your credit cards
o http://www.brockcraft.com/category/brockenspiel/
* Eric Raymond - Robotic works (and blatant promotion for the Schematic exhibition opening the next day)
o http://eric-raymond.com/
o http://schematic.blogsome.com/
* Dan Stowell - 8 Bit Larynx: Controlling the 128K Sinclair Spectrum sound chip with beat boxing
o http://www.mcld.co.uk/
o http://www.archive.org/details/DanStowell_20070723_8BitLarynx
o http://www.elec.qmul.ac.uk/digitalmusic/people/dans.htm

Plus! Opendorks -- strictly timed (really) 7 minute ad-hoc talks about something strange and electrical. Perfect to get feedback on your small or in-progress project. Add yourself below:

* Alex McLean - instructionset
* Dave Miller - the automatic comedian. http://davemiller.org/experiments/rss_comedian

If you would like to do a presentation at a future dorkbotlondon event we'd love to hear from you at: [email protected]

Official Website: http://dorkbot.org/dorkbotlondon/wiki/index.php/Dorkbotlondon54

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