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* STEVE HERNANDEZ * : Machine to Machine (M2M) Communication
Utilizing GSM Cellular Networks

M2M communication is the process of allowing two or more machines to
communicate with each other to exchange data and can encompass both
voice and data communications. Steve's going to discuss using the GM862
Cellular Quad Band Module, manufactured by Telit, and available from
SparkFun Electronics (http://tinyurl.com/qt6jl), in your projects.

* Jay Swift * : Bringing Up Darwin

The second in our continuing presentations on the RepRap project's
(http://tinyurl.com/56sr5p) plan for world domination and the good
people that are making that possible, Jay--a member of the
Baltimore/Washington RepRap Users' Group
(http://forums.reprap.org/list.php?39)--will have us oohing and ahhing
as he shows us his neonatal Darwin 1.0 and tells us where RepRaps come from.

*** Ad hoc presentations

If you've got an interesting announcement or something to share (3
minutes or less), we'll make time to fit you in.

*** Afterdork

After the presentations, the exchange continues over food and drink at a
nearby eatery (more information on our website).

Those of you traveling by automobile from the Baltimore area and willing
to give fellow Baltidorks a ride, please pipe-in on the blabber list.

We have some dedicated Dorkbotters that brave MARC and are forced to
skip out on the valuable one-on-ones of Afterdork because they have to
get to the train after the meetings. It would be great to give them the
opportunity made possible by some of you dinosaur-squeezins-powered

Official Website: http://dorkbot.org/dorkbotdc/

Added by Alex Barth on April 25, 2008