5th and Neches
Austin, Texas

An open mic and science fair mashup, Dorkbot gathers artists and hackers to do strange things with electricity. Robots, geeks, music, high voltage and beer. Will it blend? Dorkbot-Austin is sponsored by Make Magazine, the International Game Developers Association-Austin and SXSW Interactive.

Official Website: http://2007.sxsw.com/interactive/evening_events/

Added by TheAdnostic on February 20, 2007



Oh, I am so at this Dorkbot. There better be some dangerous electricity -- in the name of "science" of course.


I have always wanted to go to a Dorkbot in NYC! This is exciting!


We've updated the dorkbotaustin website with our lineup: dorkbotaustin.org

* Phillip Torrone (Senior Editor - MAKE) and Limor Fried (former fellow at EYEBEAM R&D and mad genius behind adafruit industries) will talk about subversive technology.

* Paul Baker will mesmerize you with his video feedback projections

* John-Mike Reed (Bleep Labs) brings his trained thingamagoops

* The Geek Group has singing tesla coils. Enough said.

* John Funk reanimates old, discarded toys into wildly futuristic movie props.

* Music by Tree Wave and DJ Greg Most.

* Dorks from dorkbots past return for their one and only reunion geek-out: The Robot Group’s diabolical menagerie, Craig Newswanger’s homebuilt telescope, Jerry Chamkis and the terrifying kosmophone, The Electric Pickle, Marvin Niebuhr and his new percussionator, and Alan Watts with his dancing mikons.

* Open Dork! Come with your own project and get 30 seconds on the mike to tell the crowd about your demented electronic pursuits before being unceremoniously buzzed off the stage by 20,000 volts of raw power! Enormously raw POWER!

* After dorkbot, check out the dorkbot/barcamp mashup at 8:00 and the dorkbot/barcamp after-party featuring soulhat at 10:00 at Bourbon Rocks (6th & Neches).


hells yeah!! I need to see some Tesla-type action....lots of sparks and lightning..... maybe some buzzing and some LEDs everywhere, and a Jacob's ladder... maybe even stuff getting teleported from here to there for no reason. Good times.


michael and i will stop by!


May the Dork Force be with us


Posted some pics.

Interested 214