1704 East 5th St.
Austin, Texas

Dorkbot Austin returns for the last meeting of the 2006 season.

Thursday, November 9, 8:00PM
Cafe Mundi - 1704 E 5th St. 236-8634
(We'll be outside. Please dress weather appropriate! Dorkbot happens, rain or shine.)

You should NOT miss this dorkbot. There will be so many robots, whirring machines, fire, giveaways, art projects, and musical instruments, that you'll literally pull out all of your eyelashes, one at a time, because you'll not know how else to handle all of your excitement. Seriously. Bring all of your friends. Bring your kids. This is going to be THE major one of 2006... no more dorkbot until next year!

What is Dorkbot?

* It’s a science fair with beer.
* It’s a geek talent show.
* It’s people doing strange things with electricity.
* Best of all, it’s fun, free, kid-friendly and hands-on

The mind-blowing acts:

* Marvin Niebuhr will demonstrate his biomechanical hybrids and photovoltaic cage system: "The Bio-Mechanicals originated in the lab at Intelligent Designs. Through genetic engineering and animal-plant interfacing with mechanical-electronic additions, the bio-mechanicals were created. Unfortunately, some of the BMs escaped their confinement and roamed the lab at night creating rogue versions of themselves. Some were able to escape into the countryside, but most were gathered up during the annual trophy hunt." -- http://www.spiritcanyondesigns.com/ [Marvin is looking for collaborators for future projects!]

* Seven will debut his Planck - a one-of-a-kind instrument he recently finished. It is played by tapping 8 strings and can be made to sound like a sitar or steel guitar. Seven is a long-time inventor in Austin; his many projects include electric bicycles and Jacob's Ladders. He has been featured by Bre Pettis (from Make Magazine) in the "I Make Things" video podcast (http://www.imakethings.com/2006/03/22/musical-instrument-innovation-and-high-voltage-electricity/).

* Ian Cion runs an Austin design studio and creates work that influences positive social change. He is working on a refugee camp/emergency shelter beautification initiative, and will demonstrate the idea of beautifying camps through community derived artwork using a range of materials from local craft technology to large format digital printing.

* Also: The Austin Robot Group will bring a large assortment from their menagerie of twisted, mechanical creations. They will showcase some of their newest pieces and will give the dorkbot audience a once-in-a-lifetime, rare opportunity to interact directly with their machines!

For more information, check out http://www.dorkbot.org/dorkbotaustin/ or email [email protected]. Can’t wait to see you there.

Official Website: http://dorkbot.org/dorkbotaustin/

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