100 McCaul Street
Toronto, Ontario

KulturVultur, the curatorial partnership behind the Hybridized: Dolls and Drolls exhibition, invites you to the closing reception of DOOD.

Open to public participation, DOOD is an innovative demonstration and collaborative presentation of a blank slate slowly being filled with the doodles of nine leading teams interacting over a nine day period. In addition, DOOD is a digital archive documenting each day's doodlings @ kulturvultur.com.

As a collaborative copyleft experiment, DOOD subverts the traditional notion of a work of art as having a single authorship/ownership by featuring the shared work of over 32 key artists with countless more "dooders" participating on spot.

Rather than an opening with a reception, Dood will close with a celebratory party, the marathon installation having been finally finished only hours before. The public installation starts Feb 5 and ends with the closing reception, ten days later, on Thursday, February 15, 6 to 8 pm in Transit Space, the Ontario College of Art & Design @100 McCaul, 2cd Level.



Week One:
MONDAY 5th S.A.D. - Super Atomic Dragons Jeffrey Addison, A. D. Dashner, Hugo Arias, Alex Illich

TUESDAY 6th Mighty Mighty Food Gun - Sean Martin, Misha Snyder, Taj Nabhani, Devan Burton

WEDNESDAY 7th Filip Anton Has Friends -- Filip Anton, alxclub, Randy Gagne, Stacey Sproule

THURSDAY 8th Bretherine + 2 Guys Brett Despotovich, Katherine Piro, Chris Watson and Jim Botelho

FRIDAY 9th Federatanion Evo Tyler Vipond, Zack Kenny, and Cameron Scott


MONDAY 12th Autobots!! David Contin, Rick Blaschke, Jonna Pedersen

TUESDAY 13th Team Momofuku Brock French, Claramae Acasio

WEDNESDAY 14th Transformers Open July 4 Ben Prus, Mike Briand, Brenden Flanigan

THURSDAY 15th The Olivia Chow Danger Squad Lex Buchanan, Felix Larios, Eric A. G. Jackson, Eric Euler

Official Website: http://www.kulturvultur.com

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