195 east 26th avenue
Vancouver, British Columbia

What? "Hitch-hikers' Guide to the Galaxy" radio series listening party
When? Wednesday, May 11th, noon to midnight.
Where? The Butchershop Floor, 195 E. 26th at Main.
Why? In memoriam of the fourth anniversary of Douglas Adams' death
How much? By donation.

Come celebrate the legacy of late British writer Douglas Adams with a complete listen-through of the radio series that started it all (and a few forgotten surprises -- like the appearance by Marvin the Paranoid Android on Top of the Pops.) For those at risk of getting bored by such a sedate activity as listening, an assortment of books by and about the author will be available to leaf through. While we can't hope to compete with the new Hitch-Hikers' Guide movie about to hit the theatres, the award-winning 1981 BBC television mini-series will be screened for comparison. Finally, two of Douglas Adams' three forgotten video games -- the Hitch-Hiker's Guide adaptation and Bureaucracy, one man's quest to successfully submit a change-of-address card -- will be playable on-site.

Added by UnwashedMass on April 28, 2005