208 w 13th st.
New York City, New York

This is our annual Bi PRIDE Party... Nothing too serious, but a great opportunity to meet members of the NYC Bi Community & celebrate another year of bisexual focus and discussion. Find out about or announce plans to March for Pride on the last Sunday of June. Otherwise, there is no agenda except to have fun in a low key, social setting.

We'll have a music box, and light refreshments. The menu will be fruits, veggies and other healthy fare. We will also have a limited amount of non-alcoholic beverages and some ice.

You should bring:

1st and foremost, your most FABULOUS self !

2nd, your best & most accepting friends, bi & bi-friendly; all are welcome.

How about something "more comfortable" to wear? (Since Paulie is organizing, you know it's got to be clothing optional.)

If you want something more to drink or eat, then feel free to bring it.. A limited supply of labels will be available to mark your drinks for yourself, or leave them unlabeled for anyone else to enjoy.

If you have delivery menus from nearby restaurants or want to make a pizza run, feel free to organize an impromptu dinner.

If you have a DJ inside you, bring CDs, your iPod or other music device to connect (special cables are a good idea too if you have a device that might be complicated).

At 10pm, those who want to continue the party may be taking it to the streets (...or bars or clubs). Feel free to lead, follow or get out of the way ;-)

Other Notes:

As always, we want you more than your money. Yet we will have to pay the rent for the night, including the extra hours for the party, and the cost of the basic refreshments. Please consider a generous contribution to this event and to the regular workings of Bi Request. Yes, the hat will be passed.

Also, Because of the longer meeting time, and the possibility to have a local delivery, we will not be going elsewhere for dinner after this meeting.

Official Website: http://www.meetup.com/bisexual-nyc/calendar/11645417/

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