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The best thing I could do was more of what I tried to do in the book: to teach people how to think like a usability expert. And at the same time, to give them access to an expert for a day so they can ask those nagging questions.

In this day-long workshop, I'll do my darndest to teach you how to think about your site's usability problems in a useful way, and how to make low-cost/no-cost testing an everyday part of your design process.

As in the book, I won't spend the day giving you a checklist of do's and don'ts. Instead, I'll try to teach you something much more useful: how to think like a usability expert. I'll show you what I do and the thought process behind it so you and the teams you work with can do some of it on your own.

Official Website: http://www.sensible.com/workshops.html

Added by nickf on August 11, 2006