36 Dawlish Avenue
Leeds, England LS9 9DT

WE'VE MOVED..... and due to popular demand your all invited to see the place..., should be a good night.. :)

.. theres not much space at all but we will cope

Official Website: http://www.thehodge.co.uk

Added by Dominic Hodgson on June 12, 2008



Have a fantastic evening guys! We're in London Friday night so cannot attend but look forward to the videos of drunken geekupers performing Wii Fit hoolahooping :D


Wii Fit won't arrive in time I'm afraid. You can always pretend wii fit is here and just hoolahoop anyway I guess!


Sorry mate - getting ready for some weekend guests and a family wedding tommorow.


I'll be there. Should I supply beer?