5820 Melrose Ave.
Los Angeles, California 90038

DOLORES PETERSEN Presents: Year-round Movable Festival @ Duna Csárda
"L.A.'s only Austro/Hungarian restaurant"
(on Melrose, just west of Vine, south side of street)
Venue: Info/Reservation - (323) 962-6434

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[IN or OUT?] Confirm gig before heading-out,. Always call ahead 1st.

REGULAR EVENT: "Weekly @ The Piano"
* Recurring Ongoing Event: "Weekly @ The Piano" is intended to be a unique humble offering of regular and on-going events. The presented events are diverse and multi-genre; Cabaret, Classical, Jazz, Latin, Opera, Roots, World etc. (w/o notice, pianist & performance times may fluctuate, because of availibility constraints & gig conflicts.

With privilege & pleasure, these weekday & weekend events, by design, are Patron of the Arts friendly, comfortable & casual, after traditional work hours hang & after weekend shopping, to chil-lax, drink, listen or join-in, nosh & schmooze with friends, musicians & guests. A truly unique listening experience. Never a sonic threat. It's for grown folks & polite conscience patrons. (not a "designer-ed, artsey-fartsey" power plant or a "fee-fi-fo-fum" foundry or even a wine barn "trough") It's about the music with a good, Yamaha acoustic baby grand piano that's not falling apart. A gathering of Patrons of the Arts & community supporters. (sometimes light rehearsals) A celebrated vocal collective, collaborative artistry & music cooperative. Courtesy of "'D' 1st lady of diverse live music promotion"

Regularly Scheduled Personnel: Featured Artist(s)
Sundays - Serge Kasimoff
"The piano store owner's good son performs when he hasn't another outside gig. Sometimes, w/ some guest singers, rehearsing."
Wednesdays (postponed until further notice) - Mark C. Miller
"He keeps the best of company, runs w/ the star-lights and performs like silken Skyys."
8th Day A Week - Darrell Alston
"Mr. Magic Multi-Talented Music Director is usually stealth until he strikes-up the band."

Event Presenter:
Dolores Petersen, A. Pro-Advocate Rep. - Facilitator/Founder/Organizer
E-mail: [email protected]
Info #: 323 632-1640 (bus. hrs. M-F 9-5pm)

NO audio/video recording/transmission. Limited flash photography, may be prohibited during performances. All cell phone ringers must be turned-off.

Wait Staff - A very courteous, friendly, hard-working & underpaid fine group of individuals. With your thoughtful consideration, please be sure, gratuities are appropriate at least & generous if you please.

Mindful performance etiquette required during performances. Space permitting, valued venue diners & bar only patrons & patrons of the arts are requested to support performance TIPS. (20% min. suggested)

W/o notice, pianist & performance times may fluctuate, because of availibility constraints & gig conflicts. Calling ahead to confirm performance & times is recommended.

FREE parking across the street at Pavilions (permission has been given for 2 hours) or ample street parking.

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Official Website: http://www.facebook.com/dolores.petersen.12

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"A few weeks ago I paid my initial visit to Duna Csárda Restaurant for one of Dolores Petersen Presents evenings at this locale which, as of late, has also been functioning as a performance space for some of Southern California finest players and singers (mostly) in the field of jazz. I came for the music, but ended up staying for (and enjoying) the food as well. The stuffed cabbage is a poem! But that’s another story left to the devices of various SoCal food critics, who’ve tended to have a lot of nice things to say about this Hungarian cuisinerie" - Bill Reed

"DUNA CSARDA MELROSE NEAR VINE......NEW AND STYLISHLY REDECORATED. Unusual hungarian food at amazing prices. Quiet and sophisticated for intimate dinners. Amazing prices for early birds and Sunday brunch. Call to find out about musical specials. Gypsy night was FABULOUS." - JEAN MASON

"Duna Csarda is opened and welcoming all their former patrons and new ones ..... this spot is growing with entertainment as well - Jazz, Cabaret, Classical and World Music." - jerryinthevalley


"This is the first time I've experienced a Hungarian restaurant. It was intense in the meat department. Meat meat everywhere. We got the sampler appetizer and the sampler entree and it was more than enough food to feed the four of us (2 of which are built like linebackers). We took a photo of the entree because it was so over the top. Literally it was a pile of food (80% meat) on a wooden slab. The waitress was extremely nice, professional and knowledgable. I only regret we didn't try the Hungarian booze. If you're a vegetarian or don't enjoy fried meats this might not be a good choice for you. Overall the food was decently prepared albeit heavy. The cabbage was very enjoyable. The atmosphere is good, staff very personable. It seems like a lot of 'characters' would frequent this kind of establishment. I was a little surprised to see the piano and microphone in the corner. I don't know when they have the piano music going on, but that would be the time to go. It would really amp up an already quirky establishment. Also they gave us loaves of bread. I don't know if that's their standard policy or if they just had a lot of delicious bread that they didn't want to go to waste, but it was pretty nice of them. I say give it a try. It's a huge restaurant with barely any people in it. Heck, have a party there." - BySA

"Dining here feels a bit like stepping into a European foreign film where you're both spectator and player. The slightly surreal atmosphere embraces the disaffected conversations of the primarily Eastern European crowd, peppered with Melrose locals. Wooden chairs, white tablecloths, and fresh flowers fill the airy dining room that comes complete with a grand piano, shelves of Tokaji wine and a dose of televised Hungarian opera or live jazz. The sunny covered patio, meanwhile, offers a more casual gemutlichkeit hangout. Dishes include Hungarian sheep's cheese, cold sour cherry soup, paprika chicken with dumplings, veal goulash, stuffed peppers, breaded chicken liver, rosted duck and chocolate chestnut torte." - Martha Burr

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