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Doing it Right: Astia Advanced Track
Retaining and Building Your Executive Team in the Later Stages
Thursday, November 6th
9:00 AM- 10:45 AM

As companies mature, so do the management teams. Hear issues and strategies for recruiting and compensating executive team members as you bring them into a later stage organization. Panel will address founder/early employee transition challenges. Panel will also discuss employee option pools and 409a regulation, and specific executive employment agreement terms such as stock option target ranges, acceleration, carve outs and severance packages.

Doing it Right is a program where exceptional entrepreneurs enhance their company's ability to attract funding and cultivate invaluable relationships. Through candid discussions led by investors and seasoned entrepreneurs, it will increase participants' understanding of the current state of venture capital and angel investment. Entrepreneurs will gain important skills and insight when Doing it Right - developing an effective fundraising strategy, negotiating savvy term sheets, navigating the due diligence process, and leading a successful company. it is current, fresh and relevant.


Official Website: http://www.astia.org/content/view/929/974/

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