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Short Description:

This competitive intelligence training will help attendees to develop a competitive intelligence tool box to do their own competitive intelligence (CI) research in order to adopt ethical business best practices and for good business decision making.

Long Description:

• What is Competitive intelligence (CI) and why should you care about it?
• How can CI help you in good business decision making?
• How does doing your own CI research is differ from using a CI professional?
This online training will help attendees in finding answers for these questions and will empower them with the tools and techniques of CI.
Traditional CI is premised on a reactive, two-part relationship—that is, a CI professional responding to what you identify as a need, usually the result of seeing another new threat. But, by doing some of this yourself, you can turn CI from being reactive to being proactive. Competitive intelligence professionals play a vital role in developing a successful customer relationship management (CRM) strategy in the organizations.

Why not just always use an internal CI team or an outside CI consultant? There is nothing wrong with those options, and this webinar will discuss them. This session will emphasize on when and how to plan your own research and how to create a CI tool box. It will provide attendees a comprehensive knowledge on the research techniques and what are the best sources of raw data.
This one hour competitive intelligence training will discuss the following topics:
• What is CI and why should you care about it?
• How can CI help you do your job better?
• How does doing it yourself differ from using a CI professional?
• Creating your own CI toolbox
• Dealing with your intellectual blinders
• Figuring out what you really need to know
• Planning your research
• Best sources for raw data
• Creating and using your own network
• Finishing your work
• Making sense of your data
• When & where to get help
• Being a better client

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