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Anna looked all around her. The sky was getting dark. 'I think we should go home now, Molly'. But which way was home? A lost child is led home by her dog. A lost dog is rescued by his boy. A lost family finds a lost dog and is, in turn, 'found' through the love of a dog. Here are three heartwarming stories about being lost, being found, finding home, and, most important, the dogs who help us find the way. This is a book that will be loved by anyone who has ever loved a dog.

Jim LaMarche's first dog was actually his dad's hunting dog, Brownie, but it was Jim's job to feed and walk him. 'I used to put on my skates, and Brownie would pull me around the block five or six times,' Jim recalls. Now, many dogs later, Jim says he has the best dog ever. Beau, a standard poodle, goes to work with Jim every day, and the two of them hike together about five miles a day.Jim and his wife live in California. They are the parents of three sons.

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