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DocType HTML5
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doctypehtml5 91 registrations for Chennai with two weeks to go. Venue still waiting for procedural confirmation before we can announce. Sorry about that. 3 hours ago reply
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doctypehtml5 On HN: and Reddit: Need your upvotes. 3 hours ago reply
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jackerhack About HasGeek: 3 hours ago reply
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doctypehtml5 The Pune edition of DocType HTML5 will be at the College of Engineering in Shivaji Nagar. Chennai's venue is almost confirmed. Almost. 3 days ago reply
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DocType HTML5 is a part conference, part workshop, and part genesis of a developer community around HTML5. For the first time ever, HTML5 provides a single platform for desktop and mobile applications across devices. HTML5 is an open, vendor-neutral standard supported by the W3C web standards body.

The first edition of DocType HTML5 was held in Bangalore on October 9, 2010. It received a 96% positive rating, following which the current multi-city series was planned.

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