19662 Nordhoff St
Northridge, California 91324

Join us for a caffee shop meet up of tech folks from around The Valley!

As with the last event, we'll likely talk about a range of issues from video, podcast, blogging, twitter and more. Bring some fresh ideas and expect an informal community.

And if you normally have trouble getting out of work for a morning cup of coffee and conversation, we'll be happy to help you draft up a doctor's note! ;)

Added by tyr on June 10, 2008



I'll be there.


I am so bummed, I have to be in Sherman Oaks at 9:00 AM for a Regional thingy...I wonder if they'll notice if I'm late?


I need one of those Doctor notes!!


I plan on being there. I will also probably be bookending my day with the Geek Dinner at uWink Hollywod, that night, too. Highly recommended.


Tracey... you'll be missed! We'll be more interesting, I guarantee it. :)


Jeff...I'm seriously considering geeking out in the AM with you guys and sneaking in to my thingy at the lunch break. hehe!


Douglas: Thanks for the head's up about the Geek Dinner... Very cool!