19662 Nordhoff St
Northridge, California 91324

Join us for our first many coffee-shop meetup.

Who are we? We're a small group of tech people who live in-and-around the Valley who are interested in meeting up with others to talk web technologies (twitter, wordpress, flickr, etc.), business ideas and more.

Ideally, we'll make this a regular thing (probably every other week), but that will obviously depend on interest from others.

And if you normally have trouble getting out of work for a morning cup of coffee and conversation, we'll be happy to help you draft up a doctor's note! ;)

Added by tyr on May 4, 2008



You can count me in.


I got your photo attached already!

The idea of attaching photos to an upcoming event is a bit counter intuitive since you *cannot* attach a photo to an event until after it is over and once it is over, it pretty much disappears off of upcoming. There's a logic gap when someone at Yahoo put the use case together.


Count me in.

Alex Scoble

I plan on attending


Irina: I love Pasadena! It's just a bit too far for morning coffee.... but maybe if some blinis are thrown into the mix... :)


I'm in... no doctor's note required!


I'm all over this like a diaper on a Baby's Asterisk!

I might be a little late I have a Rotary meeting before at 7:00am

Upcoming screwed up my account and I had to make a new account......GRRRRR

Alex Scoble

I am definately going! See everyone tomorrow morning!

Ricardo Bueno

Ted's comment cracks me up! Can't make it (obviously, you're all already there) but I might drag Irina out with me to the next one.

Alex Scoble

Great meeting everyone see you at the next one!