1329 Huahai Lu (near hengshan lu)
Shanghai, Shanghai

Shanghai’s biggest drum’n’bass monthly installment is back!
Blame is one of the most innovative producers on the drum & bass scene - an accolade hard won over years of consistently breaking musical boundaries in an attempt to bring true innovation to the music that he loves.
As a DJ, Blame enjoys a reputation of excellent technical skills and extreme professionalism. This, combined with simply being one of the nicest characters in the scene, has lead to many invitations from promoters for him to return to their events.

每月一次上海人气最旺的鼓打贝斯盛事于9月22日再度火爆登场!初秋登场的BLAME有着英伦最具书卷气息的才子称号。有着十几年鼓打贝斯背景的他,凭着过人的才气,和本着革新的音乐革命精神,屡次被乐坛龙头老大们点名称赞。这次偕同英国新晋MC Stride在中国初次露面,将带给上海乐迷当今英国最强乐风!

Male 120RMB, Female 80RMB; OPENBAR 8:30pm - 6:30am

Official Website: http://www.clubbonbon.com

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