510 East Locust
Des Moines, Iowa 50309

We'll have a #dmtweetup before Barack Obama speaks. Please knock if the door is locked. Bring a snack or drink if you like. See you there!

Added by East Village Books2 on May 20, 2008



do you need any provisions? beer? Wii wheel/controllers? :-)


It'll be me +1. And no zombies. I hope. O.k., now I'm scared.


I listed myself as going, but it depends on how my wife feels. There will be between 0 and 2 of us there for sure. :)


@jmvanderpol and I will be there!!


I will probably stop by, as the boyfriend is volunteering, and I work right next door. I don't plan on going home in between.


I'll be there, along with @podcasting_news and possibly two of our offspring. DM me with your suggestion of what kind of snackage I can bring (hate to come to parties empty-handed :-).


There is about a 50% chance I can make it. If the girlfriends gets back into town early, I will be having dinner with her instead of Obama. Be sure to give him my regards if I don't show.


Me + wife


I'll try to make it, and bring the little one. Wheee!


I'll be there. Hopefully with a reporter.


I'll be there. :-)


Sounds like a great time.


Okay, I am tentatively withdrawing my RSVP. I'm gonna show up and try to volunteer instead. If they won't have me, I'll be at EVB.

Nathaniel Payne

Myself, wife, and 5-year-old son. Will have 2 extra Wii wheels + remotes. :)

East Village Books2

OK, obviously the Secret Service has taken down Twitter in an attempt to subvert our #dmtweetup. They must think the awesomeness will outshine Barack's appearance. Perhaps a valid fear, but we are pressing forward! See you all at 7:00

Jake Kerber

I'll be there (mobile IE doesn't seem to want to let me use the "I'm going" button).